Saturday, March 12, 2011

a bit of an adventure.

Next weekend a group of us are taking a boat up to Victoria, B.C, then camping on an island in the San Juans. While we are in civilized parts, these are some of some of the places I'd like to visit in this little city.

1. For fine Italian fare, I think we should head to Fiamo, tucked away in a little alley with exposed brick walls. It's highly romantic in all its candle light. And, I should also mention, that it has wine on tap. Oh, snap.

2. A clock from Nood. Well, you see, some mornings I don't get ready very fast, and I'm constantly having to yell, "Time check!" to my husband, who dutifully shouts back the time. This could all be avoided by having a simple wall clock in the bathroom.

3. Happy hour at the Bengal Lounge. Ok, so it's a bit stuffy. The dress code states "casual elegant," but it sure is a fun way to experience this iconic hotel.

4. Shopping at Still Life. It looks like they might have some pretty tempting things. 

5. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can meander through Beacon Hill Park(photo source)

6. Dim Sum at Don Mee. I love China Town anywhere. It's always an adventure. 

7. This would be a pretty full day, but I'd still be up for some dancing. I heard that Canadians sure know how to shake their groove thing. 

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