Thursday, March 10, 2011

sometimes i like to make necklaces.

And here are some of my favorites.

I made this one for my friend D because she not only printed my wedding invites on her letterpress, but she helped me so so so much with my wedding, and she generally just rocks. 

Anchors away! I used to live on an island in the middle of Puget Sound. The only way off was by ferry. I guess you could say I was inspired by my surroundings. But, man, sawing little shapes out of silver is sure tedious. 

This necklace is heavy, but I love it! Ok, so the ribbon is the coolest ribbon ever. It's vintage, from the early 1900's. I always imagine it being worn on the Titanic, but I can't prove it. Anyway, I found this ribbon at the best place in Seattle to find beautiful fabric and trimmings. The pearls are from my mom. They are a souvenir from her latest trip to Hawaii. And, I kid you not, I strung them while I was on jury duty. (Not in court, I'm sure I would be held in contempt.) 

While I was living on Vashon Island, an acquaintance gave me this lovey horse button, and some how, this is what I dreamed up to use it for. It's like this huge grey rosette corsage necklace. 

Who wouldn't want to be gifted bags of vintage sequins? The best part is they are these muted rosy copper colors with just a little bit of shine. And the other best part? They are rectangular. Maybe that's not so cool to everybody, but I really like it. Any who, I paired these fab sequins with beautiful satin backed velvet ribbon from, well you guessed it, the Ribbon Room. (I agree their website is not much to look at, but trust me when I say, this shop has it got it going on.)

There's no super cool back story about this necklace. However, I really enjoy its simplicity, and it was a breeze to make. 

So maybe making necklaces just happens to run in the family. Take these two treasures for example. The one on the left was made by my Papa Ole while he was stationed at Pearl Harbor during WWII. He carved it out a dime, back when they were made out of silver and had the bust of Mercury. The necklace on the right is gold with a teensie-weensie diamond on the end, and spells out "Eve". It was made for my great-grandmother, Eva (my namesake), by my aunt. 

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