Monday, June 20, 2011

temporary wallpaper

Ok, so I didn't even know this stuff existed until a few days ago when I saw it in Jordan Ferney's San Fran aptartment here and here. It's great for renters who want some super sweet decor, but also don't want to blow their entire security deposit on wallpaper removal. Supposedly, this stuff just peels right off when it's time move. I found these specimens at Sherwin-Williams, but there are more at Graham & Brown. They have loads and loads of ugly to weed through, but a few gems are in the mix. Here's what I dug up.

1: SW-82346939, 2: SW-82346941, 3: SW657-2942,4: SW-82346932, 5: SW-82362940, 6: SW-82346947, 7: SW0CG1856, 8: SW36501


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