Thursday, August 25, 2011

drink it: moscow mule

I was first introduced to this drink by Miss Yossy at the Walrus and Carpenter. Here we were, drinking delicious cocktails and slurping oysters on the half shell. I was a Moscow Mule convert. Spicy ginger with a bite and a hint of lime in a cold copper mug made me want to smack my lips after every sip. I was so taken with this drink that I started ordering it other bars too. That's when I learned the hard truth: Not all Moscow Mules are created equal. A bad Mule usually involves lime syrup. Now don't get me wrong, lime syrup has its place, just not here. And when it's not served in copper, well, it's just not the same. The copper mug seals in coldness and makes the drink feel about ten degrees cooler. And it's just rad.

Ingredients for one Mule:
1/2 bottle of ginger beer
1 small lime
1 1/2 shots of vodka
slice of fresh ginger for garnish
copper mug*

Fill your mug with ice and pour in ginger beer. Add the vodka and juice the lime. Stir and add ginger garnish.

*If you don't have copper mugs, you have two options. One, go here and get some, or two, chill glasses in your freezer before making your drink.

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