Monday, February 6, 2012

martha monday: circle scarf

Did I mention I learned to knit on Christmas Day? My sweet mother-in-law taught me the tricks of the trade. My very first project, of course, came from a martha mag. A couple of months ago there was an article devoted to knitting patterns where the completed projects were just squares or rectangles (i.e. scarves, pillows, totes, etc). I thought this was perfect for a beginner like myself, and while on the plane ride home I diligently knitted my very first piece. I love this scarf and wear it all the time now. It's just a long skinny rectangle sewn together to make a circle. Now I always have a big cowl neck if I need one. Up next? A pillow. But I have promised myself that every knitting project going forward will involve big needles and thick yarn. Otherwise, it just takes too long.

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