Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just about every person who comes over to my apartment compliments me on the little silhouette of Sam and me getting married. Then they ask where I got it done. And every time I get a kick out of seeing their faces when I tell them that this was by far one of the easiest diy projects I've ever done.

wedding photographer: the talented Yossy Arefi-Afshar

If you'd like to make one too, here's what you'll need.

A copy of an image on text paper
card stock
x-acto knife
self healing board
blank text paper (with optional date printed)
frame with matte board

#1: Find a photo you'd like to use. If it's an image on your computer, print it out on regular text paper. Play around with the size a little if you'd like the image to be smaller or larger. If the photo is already printed, make a copy of it, again you can adjust the size if you want.

#2: Roughly cut around the part of the image you want to silhouette with scissors so that there's about a half inch border.

#3: Now you'll want secure the image to the card stock. Use a few "tape doughnuts" to initially tape the image. Place the doughnuts behind the part of the image you want silhouetted (attaching to the text paper) then press the text paper gently to the card stock. Eventually you'll be removing the tape from the silhouette so you don't want to press so hard that it will ruin the paper when you go to remove it, but you want it firm enough that it doesn't wiggle. Additionally you can tape a few pieces using the border you created in step 2 for extra security.

#4: Carefully, with an x-acto knife and a self healing board in place, trace around the image you want silhouetted. Making clean, careful cuts will ensure crisp lines. Once the silhouette is completely cut out remove the printed image slowly, without ripping the cover paper. Feel free to clean up any edges where you see fit with the x-acto knife.

#5: Mount the silhouette on blank text paper. (I used regular 8.5x11 paper, and just printed our wedding date at the bottom.)

#6: Lastly place entire piece in frame with matte board. Mine's from Ikea.

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