Monday, April 16, 2012

martha monday: etched glass

I was so excited about this project. I started daydreaming about all the glass surfaces I would eventually etch after these tumblers. But alas, not all is well in the world etching.

Because of unclear directions, these glasses now sit in my trashcan. The directions here said to rinse the etching cream 5 minutes after applying. Well, that just rinses everything right off, and you're left with the plain glass you started with. The directions here say to bake after applying. I thought that the cream would eat away at the glass and leave a rough sanded texture and that baking would cure that. Really though, the etching product from Martha Stewart Collection that I was using is just frosty paint. Had I realized that, I would have painted in a much neater fashion. Instead I was left with uneven frosted sections. And had I known that this stuff was just paint, I would have definitely gone the spray paint route. I guess I'll know better next time, I'm just glad I didn't etch anything I'm really attached to.

In the photo it's hard to tell that the project is botched, instead I wanted to show you the potential of this little undertaking. Sigh, they could have been so pretty.

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