Thursday, June 28, 2012

beach bum

I'm so excited! In just a couple of days my husband and I will be off to Miami. I've been looking forward to this trip for months. We plan on spending the majority of our time either on the beach or at our hotel pool. I've started to think about packing and it's pretty minimal, and all centered around being able to easily go swimming.  The best part - we are not packing our computers. I'm excited to just go off the grid. Last week I picked up the cutest polka dot bikini, very similar to the one below, and I can't wait to pair with flip flops, sunglasses, fedora and a whole lot of sunshine. I'm not sure how my new bob will survive saltwater. Hopefully the surf spray can salvage it. I thought the little beach babe bag was hilarious and perfect for all the little things I end up carrying. I want to read some old classics. Nothing that requires too many brainwaves. I love taking a sketchbook when I'm traveling. It's so easy to get inspired on vacation. But mostly this trip will be about lounging around.

What I'll be wearing: fedora / sunglasses / bikini / flip flops / sunscreen / surf spray
What I'll be doing: books / sketchbook / camera
What I'll be carrying: little bag / big bag

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