Monday, August 27, 2012

farewell (for now)

Don't be sad, but this is my last post. Never say never though, I might be back again on so simpatico, but no promises.

I started this blog in February 2010 as way to practice design skills and catalog creative ventures. I've learned so many things through trial and error, and just plain experimentation. I've pushed myself to try new things, and I've persevered through creative blocks. This space evolved over time. I started to develop a style of blog design and brought on more projects for myself (cooking, cocktails, crafts, etc.) Then my life got super busy. I launched a business (eva b. paper goods), started teaching boat loads of yogis, and took on more volunteer opportunities. Still I kept blogging, archiving things that caught my eye. At this point though, I've realized a lot of what I blog these days can just as easily be viewed on Pinterest, where I have a brand new account (it took me awhile to get on the bandwagon there.) And if you ever want see some original photos, well just check me out on twitter via instagram. I've always got some silly photos there.

Thank you so much for your visits to so simpatico. I hope that I've given you a little inspiration here and there.

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